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Fasting as a Lifestyle

Experience TRUE Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle. We have spent the last few years researching, learning and reaping all the benefits of TRUE Intermittent Fasting. Spend a few days at Chez Canucks learning the foundation of TRUE Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle so that you can continue to evolve and enjoy all the benefits as much as we do. 


We only eat once a day, at dinner time. That leaves a lot more time during the day for the things we love to do. Imagine only having to think about shopping, preparing, cooking and cleaning up for only one meal per day?? It's a crazy concept to grasp, nobody loves food and eating as much as we do! Your body will need some time to adjust, but once you're in your groove there's no looking back. All that extra time, money and energy you save - it's heaven, I can promise you that! 

The popular fasting retreats on the market provide a spa-type getaway where you relax by the pool, practice daily meditation or yoga and perhaps a walk or hike. The weekly menu includes a severely reduced daily caloric intake.  You'll go back to your real life weighing a few kgs less in weight, but you'll quickly gain it back. You'll feel well rested and detoxed, but it will only be a temporary feeling. It is unsustainable in everyday life.

What we provide is a much different offering, it's an introduction to a new way of living life. It is a sustainable and complete health & lifestyle regimen based on TRUE Intermittent Fasting. Of course to enjoy life fully you also need to be active. You will learn as much of the physiology behind it as your brain can absorb, Bertrand can (and does) talk about this in so much detail in both French and English for days on end :)  But think about it in this way - all the time and energy that your body currently uses to digest food throughout the day, will instead be focused on building and repairing itself. It is accomplished through four primary phases that occur every day:

  1. Fasting

  2. Daily Exercise

  3. Eating 

  4. Rest

There is dense academic research showing that this regimen effectively inhibits the aging process of human cells, improves health and vitality, enhances mental and cerebral activity, stimulates weight loss, boosts the  immune system, eradicates diseases, increases muscle density and strength... But beyond all theses benefits, it WILL CHANGE YOU and YOUR LIFE, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, logistically, practically and financially. 

When Covid happened, we decided to change our way of life. We made the decision to not be stuck behind the computer all day eating. It has been an evolving journey for us and we will continue forward learning and enjoying it. We decided to offer this program because everyone we speak to about our new way of life is intrigued and amazed. The people who have had the discipline to implement the regimen into their lives cannot believe how much better their lives have changed. We want to share this experience! We live in the perfect setting allowing us to offer it as a getaway for small groups. We can accommodate a maximum of eight (8) people and a minimum of four (4). We will offer as much of our time as you'd like so we can share our new way of life and support you through yours :)


What to expect ~
     The Daily Schedule

Waking Up

Morning Coffee

Waking up to a delicious cup of BLACK coffee or tea. You can enjoy your first cup that you prepare in your gite. But remember, NO food or calorie intake!

Get the brain cells moving

Image by Rachael Gorjestani

After you've woken up, we'll meet as a group to discuss and learn about fasting. Hopefully the weather is nice and we can enjoy ourselves outside on the patio :) If not, it's ok, we have the perfect space indoors as well. This information discussion will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the group conversation and interest. 


Stretching Exercises

Next we'll get the body moving. The activity will vary depending on the group. We are flexible and able to adjust based on your needs and abilities. We can make it intense exercise session or a casual one. It could be a stretching session, a cardio session or a simple walk or hike in our trails. Bertrand is a professional sports and fitness coach and will adapt to your fitness level. We are a partner of Polar and you will also learn how to monitor your activity with your heart rate.

Afternoon Freedom

Image by Guillaume Issaly

Maybe you want to have a nap, or hit the local towns for some antique hunting or spend some time at the thermal baths relaxing. The mountains are only an hour drive away if you need more time in the trails. We'll give you lots of options for places to go and things to do. But remember, NO SNACKING!!


Image by Priscilla Du Preez

We'd probably be lying if we didn't tell you this was our favourite time of the day ;) Now your daily discipline of zero calorie pays off!

Enjoy a home cooked meal with us. Typically vegetarian, always delicious. You will not leave the table wanting anything else to eat - promise! Dinner will be enjoyed as a Table d'Hote style. We can agree what time to eat as a group, but generally we enjoy our daily FEAST around 19h.

After dinner you will enjoy the evening as you wish. We will see you again the next morning to do it all over again. Or if it's your last night, we will send you off safely and ensure you are armed and ready to begin enjoying your TRUE Intermittent Fasting journey ahead.


Image by Alvaro Reyes

We need a minimum of 4 guests to confirm this program and a minimum of 3 night stay. We are able to host a maximum of 8 guests by using both gites that can each sleep 4 people. Both gites are only suited to accommodate family or friends, since each gite has only one bedroom, one bathroom and the 2nd bed is in the living room of both gites as a pull out couch.

Prices are charged per person per day. Price includes accommodation (all bedding, towels and toiletries are included), unlimited coffee/tea, a delicious home cooked dinner each night and an exercise session each day, as well as TRUE Intermittent Fasting information - as much as your brain can handle :)

~  2  People in 1 gite -

    - €75 per person per day


~  1 Person in 1 gites -

    - €125 per person per day 

The above pricing is based on a 4 day minimum program stay. The length of stays are based on the availability of the gites at the time of booking. In order to confirm your reservation a deposit for half of the amount of your stay is required by wire transfer. The remainder of the booking fee is to be paid upon check-in by wire transfer or cash. In case of cancelation, the deposit is non-refundable.

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