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We can prepare and serve you a delicious and healthy breakfast. If the weather is cooperating you can enjoy it on the terrace. You kitchen as a back up plan. All you need to do is let us know in advance that you'd like it and what time you'd like it to be served.


Fresh baked croissants; jams/butter; muesli; yogurt; and fresh fruits and berries.

€12.50 per person.

Picnic Lunch

Picnic Basket

If you plan to be on adventures during the day and prefer to eat something rather than 'fast food', we can pack you a picnic lunch. We can try to accommodate how it's packed based on your adventure and if you're travelling by bike or car.


Baguettes; sausage/cold meats; selection of cheese; fresh vegetables and dips, fruits and berries. There are sure to be a few fun surprises included, kinda like when mom packed our school lunches :)

€15 per person.



Dinner can also be enjoyed outside on the terrace or indoors. We offer a choice of vegetable and pasta baked in the oven with cheese; OR tartiflette; OR raclette. All choices are served with a green salad, fresh baguette and a fresh baked fruit tarte. Dinners are served family style, one choice per reservation.

€17.50 per person.

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If you don't have time to shop or prefer to not have to cook for yourself while on holiday, we will be happy to provide you with full bellies. We don't claim to be master chefs, but we do love to eat! So we know our way around the kitchen well enough that we haven't had any complaints yet :)

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